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Khira Scott

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CRUM

Khira Scott was born in New York but raised in South Carolina. Her upbringing allowed her to experience that true “southern hospitality” and slowness of the south, but after that she realized how much she loves diversity, change, and the “hustle and bustle” so she made it back to New York!

Over the course of her professional career, Khira gained experience in the legal and financial fields which showed her just how important it is to prioritize clients’ needs and always maintain a high level of confidentiality and trust. As a Real Estate Agent, Khira applies the same. She is a a quick thinker and problem solver, so she also gets things done the right way and always takes steps ahead.

She loves to learn, adapt, and grow but her growth is not directly dependent on how much work she does.. it is dependent on how many people are in a better position because she was connected to them. She lives by this by always wanting to add value to others… as an agent, she only seeks to see this through by all means necessary.

She loves the arts, so in her spare time she watches movies, goes to museums, comedy shows and even jazz shows!

Connect with Khira, so she can add value to you today!

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