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Monica Aparicio

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CRUM

I’m a California native but in 2014, I decided to trade in the “chill” southern California lifestyle for that of the wonderful yet chaotic NY city life. I studied Business Management and minored in music at St. John’s University, all while working as a gym manager and swim instructor. After graduating in 2018, I started DJ’ing and in 2019 pursued a real estate license for the state of New York. My mindset is this, “ If I can be successful here with my career and passions, I can make it anywhere”. If you have a similar mindset and are strong-willed, NYC is truly the place to be. 

Working multiple free-lance type  jobs has taught me how to manage time wisely. I realize time is money and I never want to waste my client’s time or have them waste mine, so preparation and details are key. Having never been to NYC before moving here, the learning curve was a tough one  and my empathic ways made me really develop a love for sharing knowledge and helping others. I realized that NYC was really such a melting pot, and I’m not the only one having to adapt to a completely alternate kind of lifestyle. Because of that, I love to educate my clients on how the NYC real estate market works and break down confusing concepts, so they walk away from my deal knowing all the details.

 Teaching, working, and booking gigs in Brooklyn and Manhattan have given me a good idea on where all the best nightlife is and being a new college graduate.  I know the life that these young artists and/or professionals are trying to live and just where they can find it. That being said though, I still am a homebody at heart and I know what kind of comforts and criteria a more mature client would be looking for. 

As a polymath [person of wide ranging knowledge] I am able to relate to people easily, allowing me to anticipate your wants and needs as a client. I strive to be transparent, fair and helpful to all my clients.

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