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Crum 259 Renata

Renata Brown

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CRUM

If you were to ask my friends and family about me, they would describe me as meticulous, caring, driven, and old school soul with a modern flare. I’m best known for going above and beyond to listen to, respect, and support the needs of my loved ones, as well as my clients.

My clients in the past have included children on the autism spectrum and their parents, as I’ve been a Montessori nanny and a Paraprofessional trained in ABA therapy throughout NYC. In these positions, I was able to hone skills in empathy, understanding, patience, and grit in order to meet the needs of my students and their parents. These are the skills that are crucial to my mission of helping my clients find their perfect space because as Ganesh Panigrahi plainly put it, “a healthy environment, brings out a healthy society”. The more at peace we are with our personal environments the better it is for our mental health, and our overall health. So, with my empathetic understanding I am in an excellent position to uncover the needs and desires of my clients, even when they have not yet been able to formulate it on their own.

CRUM has been the epitome of a supportive environment which creates a beautiful, flowing work space for both workers and clients. CRUM is innovative and ever evolving. As a biology major keeping up to date with knowledge is the key to being efficient, CRUM has that on lock! ”

Finding the perfect space can be stressful, but don’t worry we got you!

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