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Tim Schumann

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CRUM

About Tim Schumann

As a midwest transplant to New York City, I understand the need of having a space to call home.  The raw emotion that comes from bringing your inspiration to life in finding the perfect home is what drives me through my real estate career.  My priority is simple, do everything in my power to help others get to where they want to be.

 With career experience in luxury amenities management, I have developed an extremely high level of customer service and professionalism.  Working within a luxury amenities space has also taught me how to connect with everyone in a genuine way to provide the most outstanding and personalized experience possible. My past experiences have also gifted me with a great deal of knowledge in regards to the inner workings of building management thus providing me with unique insight on certain details that can often-times be overlooked.  

Being able to apply this knowledge and pair it with a burning desire to help people is the reason I chose to join the CRUM Real Estate family. Being provided the opportunity to fulfill the needs and desires of countless people everyday is what I strive for in life and it is why I have found my calling in real estate.

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