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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Elex Brown

No guest is more important then the one standing in front of you. This is a valuable lesson I learned working in the hospitality industry for more then 10 years. While working for luxury hotels and fin dining restaurants I learn the value in delivering an experience that exceeds expectations. This is one of the most important principles I learned working at hotels like the Miami Beach Edition and receiving training from both Forbes magazine and RitzCarlton. Till this day I still carry my Ethos card in my back pocket. It’s a little worn and beat up but I still Believe in it The principles that it represents can be applied to every day of your life. When you’re driven and passionate about something you never let it go. This is the same passion and drive I now bring into the real estate market.

The willingness to serve and learn is what makes all the difference in an ever changing real estate market I am committed to personalized service for each client. I will help you with your NYC real estate investment from start to finish. I’m hands on every step of the way from researching to, renting, and purchasing. Crum Real Estate will provide us with fantastic support as well. I know you’ll be 100% satisfied with the work we do together.I moved to NYC from Miami Beach so I know the struggle of finding a new apartment learning the neighborhoods, what’s subways to take, what the best schools, shopping, and more. I could not tell you how many times I got lost on the subway or missed my stop. The saying is true its a jungle out there. So i am her to help you make that transition. Nothing would please me more than to help you find or build your own little slice of New York to call home

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