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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Neal A. Michael

“BE PREPARED”. It’s the boy scout motto engraved in me, many, many years ago. It means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty. A solid principal I’ve tried to apply to my professional life as an adult. Having spent 20+ years working in Records and Information Management and Operations in National & International law firms, I’ve learned to anticipate the needs of, and stay prepared for the demand of NYC lawyers. Simply put, every attorney is the most important attorney and THEIR needs come first. This is the exact mindset I’ve carried over into the real estate industry. Every client is my most important client and it’s my responsibility to ensure I am prepared to address their questions, concerns, and needs.

How do I do that? Glad you asked!

Real estate is an ever-evolving industry so It’s vital that I stay educated. That’s where training and continuing education come into play. This is exactly what attracted me to CRUM Real Estate. I believe training and mentorship is the core philosophy at CRUM. The best tools, technology, and training all amount to a top-notch team of realtors absolutely dedicated to the perfect client experience.

My combined professional experience along with my hunger for learning and excitement to do what I actually love, make me an excellent choice to help a client with something as personal as finding a place to live. I am the (very) proud father of three daughters and I understand the requirements when it comes to finding the forever home. Nothing is more important to me than providing a place where they can feel comfortable, they can sleep easy, and they can be…….AT HOME.

Trust me, I get it………and I’m prepared!!!

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