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Abayomi Harris

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CRUM

Abby Harris is a life long resident of Harlem, an accomplished salesman, and experienced small business owner. He knows and understands Harlem’s history and culture. Growing up in Harlem’s historic district,  Abby Harris learned his entrepreneurial skills from his grandfather, who operated a small chain of family-owned dry cleaners throughout the Harlem community,  named Harris Cleaners.  He learned at an early age the foresight and dedication it takes to manage people and run a successful business.  Abby Harris is a genuine individual that manages to have a good rapport with people from all walks of life.  He is approachable and a problem solver that thinks outside the box.    His early exposure to commerce inspired Abby to open several businesses. With his salesmanship savvy and business expertise, he acquired a U Haul authorized store.  Also, he established a successfully used car dealership A Plus Auto sales and rentals, which he managed for five years.
Harlem’s second renaissance inspired Abby to apply his winning personality and knowledge of Harlem to sell real estate. As the manager of CRUM Harlem Office, he offers an insider’s perspective

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