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CJ Lashley

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CRUM

As a recent college graduate, CJ earned a finance degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. Attending a school that is highly diverse has brought him many insights with various cultures and perspectives. Having experience in banking and claims has not only strengthened his networking skills, but most importantly his customer service skills as well. When not working, CJ enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with family and searching for potential investments.

Perseverance… A word that represents one of CJ’s strongest strengths. Even when the future may not be crystal clear, it is always important to see it through! As an agent of CRUM, the main goal is to help make that future clear by assisting sellers, buyers, and those renting. In the real estate industry, its crucial to be prepared and stay up to date in the market. With excellent guidance and mentorship, CRUM is the best choice to be the highest version of yourself. Mixed skillset and ambitious personality, CJ has everything it takes to fulfill client services.

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