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Top 10 Neighborhoods To Buy Houses For Sale in NJ

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Houses For Sale in NJ

If you’re thinking of moving to or living close to New York City, you may want to know the best neighborhoods to invest in when searching for New Jersey homes for sale. This megapolis is a city of endless opportunities and no dearth in the luxuries to match the mean. If New York is your destination of choice, then you surely won’t be disappointed. You can have the best of everything— restaurants, nightlife, events, culture, etc.

While moving to or living close to New York is definitely a gamble that is worth taking, it is not all fun and games. New York is the second-fastest-growing city in the U.S.— it would be safe to assume that you would be able to snag a comfy apartment within your budget. But quite unexpectedly, it is not so.

After extensive research, CRUM real estate has come up with a list of the top 10 neighborhoods for houses for sale in NJ that you can move to if you want to work in New York City, keeping in mind the financial and commuting proximity.

1. Montclair

The township of Montclair lies about 18 miles west of New York City and is known as one of the best locations in the region for its architecture, schools, and culture of diversity. This is a great place for people who are devoted to working in the heart of New Jersey. The locals here are known to be incredibly friendly and have close-knit community ties.

The area offers a wide variety of options for real estate, with plenty of affordable housing that is within budget. The options range from condos, apartments and single-family homes. Montclair has some of the best schools in the state for houses for sale in NJ. And therefore making it a great choice for families.

2. Hoboken

Reminiscent of many European towns, Hoboken is known for its stunning townhouses that can be rented for approximately $1,000 to $3,200 per month. It would cost you around $1,800 to $2,500 for a one-bedroom apartment. On average, you would be paying ~$4,000 for two-bedroom and $6,000 for three-bedroom apartments.

The apartments in Hoboken are pretty spacious and have great amenities. Plus, you get access to the PATH train network that makes for an easy commute to Manhattan. Seeing that Old City has a booming restaurant scene, it is visited by plenty of tourists and locals alike because the area has a lot to offer. This is a great choice for people who prefer a lively city setting and would not mind squeezing in among the crowds.

In addition, Hoboken residents can feel the footprint of the city’s rich history of innovation. Being the birthplace of the first organized baseball game is just one example of how innovative Hoboken used to be. Automatic Hook and Eye Co. invented the zipper at the latter company’s location in Hoboken. Hoboken has also seen its fair share of celebrities in the past, and Hoboken regularly attracts many notable figures. For example, Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, and Eli Manning formerly lived in Hoboken.

Overall, Hoboken offers a nice lifestyle with plenty of people, beautiful architecture, and an excellent entertainment scene. Its proximity to New York City also makes it a prime location for people who want to work there. This place is slightly more expensive than Montclair, but buying a house there is also a possibility, as it is one of the few towns in New Jersey that provides waterfront homes.

3. East Rutherford

If you’re a New York Giants fan, you’re familiar with East Rutherford’s name: this small town of about 9,000 residents in New Jersey is the location where the NFL Giants and Jets teams plays its home games. Lively and with a lot of fun activities, East Rutherford offers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, with friendly locals, good business parks, and efficient public services.

The houses for sale prices in this part of NJ are affordable and include a large variety of property types. The area has lots of cafes and restaurants which offer not only delicious food but also have stunning views of New York City. Furthermore, schools and public services are well-developed in this Borough, making it a great place for families.

Overall, East Rutherford provides a mix between city atmosphere and suburban mentality in a single location. The residents working in the city can find it both comfortable and inspiring to live in this place. At the same time, the tranquility of the surroundings can provide an escape from the hustle and bustle.

4. Weehawken

Another vibrant town on the northern side of Hoboken is Weehawken, luring a myriad of fun-seeking potential residents each passing day. And, yes, the community is part of an awe-inspiring panoramic vista of skyscrapers included in one of the most happening, happening sections of Manhattan. With 12,000 community members within its tailored borders, Weehawken is packed with some tantalizing pluses.

Even though this place is small in size, it is large in charm. The New York City skyline attracts the eye from almost every angle. Weehawken, boasting a riverfront location, is home to a huge residential development. And as you hope to receive some of the most advantageous bits of Manhattan, this place delivers a splendid mix.

Flexible laid back, and with lots of lunches and dinners, the people are impressive and fun to be around. As far as the education facilities are concerned, schools for both elementary and senior students are in abundance. And what you get is an appealing fusion of a small town with lots of worldwide charms.

5. Glen Ridge

This affluent, beautiful area is located only 18 miles from NYC, land of opportunity. The small town of Glen Ridge has some very beautiful and high-end homes with a low-key and friendly atmosphere. People living in Glen Ridge get to enjoy the popular NYC attractions every day.

This town takes pride in its excellent quality of life with a thriving art scene, antique shops, restaurants, and spas. It has some very good schools, including Montclair Preparatory School, Glen Ridge High School, the Kean University Center, which is just eight miles away from Glen Ridge. The community has some real estate options for students, from value-driven studios and one-bedroom units to swankier condos, apartment units, luxury homes, and lofts.

All you lovers of all things vintage, Glen Ridge is one town that will perhaps strike your fancy thanks to its splendid collection of no less than 666 gas lamps (currently, 3,000 gas lamps are in operation in the entire U.S.). Locals suggest most of the gas lamps were installed around the 1930s. So take a drive along scenic Lyons Avenue to enjoy Glen Ridge’s unique, vibrant, charming personality, inherent in its unique assortment of gas lamps.

6. Fort Lee

So far, the majority of locations featured in this list would only benefit NJ residents that work in the midtown Manhattan area. However, if you work in the northern part of the city, you’ll likely find Fort Lee an equally fruitful option. The town, which gives an impressive, convenient view of New York City, and has some beautiful houses for sale in NJ, apartments for rent, offices, and fancy restaurants.

Because of its impressive location near the George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee has easy access to Manhattan and is a prime spot to live for people who don’t mind sharing a commute with thousands every day. Fort Lee is a great place for families who are looking to stay near the Big Apple but want to get away from the hustle and bustle. With plenty of shopping, restaurants, and plenty of green spaces, this town has an atmosphere that is much more tranquil than that of Manhattan, and yet no less appealing.

7. Paulus Hook

Paulus Hook is located within striking distance of Downtown Jersey City but far enough away to lead to authentic charm. It has all the advantages of living in Jersey City, without much of the commotion that surrounds Downtown. You’ll be on the waterfront, not far from the business district, and a few steps away from a line of commercial eateries you can call your own. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and tranquility–the perfect spot for people who would like to sit down with neighbors, watch the sunset, and sip a glass of wine.

The residential buildings that lend Paulus Hook its charm are many, and they offer vintage apartments and condos with copious Victorian charm. Such are the pluses of Paulus Hook: walkable, convenient, with lots of shopping opportunities, and yet much less crowded than other parts of Jersey City. The picturesque parks do offer a scenic backdrop to a community that lives up to modern standards of luxury.

The neighborhood is well-organized and clean. New construction isn’t rampant, thus preserving the old-world charm of the place. This is a great option for people who love water and waterfront views because the city’s neighborhood of Paulus Hook is to be found on its historic waterfront. Keep in mind the location is about 15-20 minutes away from both the entertainment district of Downtown Jersey City and the business district of Lower Manhattan.

8. Bayonne

Nestled at the edge of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail’s end of the line is Bayonne. This up-and-coming city is untouched by any light rail. Transit-oriented development occurred in three phases and spanned between 2005 and 20011. As a result, property values in the area have gone up, and many developers are vying for a piece of the action.

The city has many upscale housing projects that are convenient and very close to the train station. In addition, it has a very convenient location, situated across the river from Manhattan, making the city a perfect choice for commuters. Being a little over 1.4 square miles, the city is known for its safe neighborhoods, beautiful park, and easy access to Manhattan by public transportation.

9. Secaucus

Secaucus is well known for having one of the first post offices on the eastern seaboard. The town had gone through many changes since 1964 when the first mall on the east coast opened up to be considered one of the best places to live in New Jersey. With a rich history, immense growth, and continuous popularity, it is no surprise that one of the trendiest shopping centers emerged from here. Voted No. 19 of the Best Places to Live in 2018 by N.J. Monthly, Secaucus is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a quiet place to live next to a town of vibrant energy.

The town is a great choice for anyone looking for a great life at a small price. The town offers a plethora of options for anyone looking for affordable housing and New Jersey homes for sale with vintage charm. In addition, for you commuters, the town is very close to New York City.

10. Edison

Edison, New Jersey, is one of America’s Best Places to Live, according to the Money Magazine, and is home to the most important electric inventions in the modern era, including the light bulb, wireless communication, and the motion picture film. It is also the city in which Thomas Edison was born.

Here you can visit his birthplace, see his laboratory, and the town he founded. The famous inventor’s birthplace was built in 1854 and was moved to this location in 1930. Edison’s house is now a museum that is open to the public. You can find plenty of information in the museum on how he discovered the light bulb, the motion-picture film, and other famous inventions.

Overall presenting an incredible blend of rural surroundings and urban infrastructure, this place can easily be called one of the best locations for houses for sale in NJ.

Conclusion: Houses For Sale in NJ

If you’re planning to move to New Jersey or already living in the area, make sure you consider the above-mentioned neighborhoods— they’re the safest places in the state you can consider renting or buying a New Jersey home, whether you’re moving from NYC or you’re not.

Not only are these towns lovely, but they provide a convenient lifestyle that is just as good as living in the city— if not better. Plus, they’re affordable, which makes it a great option for people wanting to explore, live, and work in New Jersey yet not compromise on their lifestyle.

In conclusion, many of the suburbs around New York City offer very affordable housing options that have the convenience of the city while preserving the quiet, peaceful atmosphere that people love. If you need a real estate professorial to help you see all the houses for sale in NJ that fit your budget. Then contact us today at

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