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No Fee Apartments NYC

No Fee vs Fee Apartments in NYC ? Deciding to Go It Alone The Internet and the information age have taken the real estate market (and every other market, for that matter) by storm. In the past, attempting to navigate the Manhattan rental market without a broker or some sort of professional assistance was often an exercise in confusion and frustration, to say the least. Fewer people possessed the...

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Renters Guide

Renters Guide NYC Apartments For Rent From luxury building amenities such as rooftop decks and indoor swimming pools, first time NYC renters will soon realize that their desire list of extras AKA "wish-list" might not fall within their budget. Bear in mind that NY apartment searching is a balance of reality and expectations, and this starts with deciding a sensible monthly lease budget. Hopefully our...

NYC Rental Apartments

NYC Rental Apartments

NYC Rental Apartments Whether you're renting your first apartment in NYC or your fifth, the process to find a NYC rental apartments to call your own isn't straightforward. This manual was created to aid you when you look for and fasten your new flat. Please use this manual to aid you on your search and preparation. Bear in mind, the more you understand now and the more you are ready, the larger the...

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NY Apartments The physical structure of these buildings forms described above will vary and being aware of what to expect of those properties can allow you to narrow your research. They could generally be categorized among the following: While the only family dwelling still exists (ranging from three to five stories), most have been converted to many apartments per building. Largely considered the...

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