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Hayden Morgan

Associate Broker at CRUM

About Hayden Morgan

“The ache for home lives in all of us” – Maya Angelou

If you are reading this you deserve a home. But finding a home is tough. Most of us just do not have the tools nor the time to find a home effectively.

As an army veteran, I learned the importance of seeing a mission to its end and respecting each task regardless of how big or small. It is that perspective that has allowed me successfully to serve with some of the best and brightest in the army and has allowed me success in the private sector.

As a former support assistant for the Veterans Hospital in Manhattan, I obtained invaluable customer service experience that focused on organization and empathy. Being the face of the V.A. to new patients meant I was tasked with introducing the organization, clearly informing the patients of their options, and, most importantly discovering what the veterans’ desires were regarding their care. The same applies when finding a home. An agent familiarizes a client with the culture of the real-estate company and provides well-informed options on homes based on the client’s wants and needs. I am excited to use the same skills I applied to help veterans to help you.

Being an attorney, I understand the importance of having an attention to detail. Obtaining a home is a big decision and big decisions deserve clarity. I will use my skills to provide you the smoothest most transparent process possible.

Finding a place is hard but not impossible, especially with help. With my combined experience and patience, I would like to assist you in the completion of your own mission. Getting home.

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